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Klaus: Main Characters’ Heights and Ages

Jesper Johansson~16-17 years old~5 ft 9 in
Alva~ 18 years old~5 ft 9 in
Klaus~ 43 years old~7 ft 9 in


Image Source: IMDb

In an interview at Polygon, Klaus’ director stated that the town Smeerensberg is inspired by an actual town in the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

The setting of the movie is in the 19th century. 

During this time, according to, children are mandated to go to school until they are 13 years. 

Knowing that the main character, the mailman, Jesper Johansson, still attended the postman training academy after mandatory school, it would place him at around 16 to 17 years old when he was assigned to Smeerensburg. 

Next, Alva, the teacher and love interest of Jesper, mentioned that she’s been in Smeerensburg for 5 years already. 

That would make her at least 18 years old, considering she left for Smeerensburg right after mandatory school. 

As for Klaus, he died or vanished in the end (it wasn’t really clear), 12 years after the first meeting with Jesper. 

According to Wikipedia, during the 19th century, the life expectancy is just 55 years old. 

Based on that data, we can assume that at the time of the first meeting with Jesper, Klaus was around 43 years old. 


An article published by Ohio State News stated that Northern European men living in Middle Ages were nearly as tall as their modern-day American descendants. 

According to Healthline, an average American male at 17 years old is about 69.1 inches or 5 feet 9 inches, which should be Jesper’s height.

In the pictures released by Netflix for the film, Alva appears to be the same height as Jesper. 

On the other hand, Klaus appears to be much taller, about 2 inches more than their height. 

That would make Klaus around 7 feet and 9 inches tall.

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