10 Plant Enthusiast Facebook Ads You Can’t Ignore

1.  Northern Tool + Equipment

This is a durable and sturdy portable hose reel cart that you can perfectly use for gardening.

Image Source: Facebook

2.  in garden

You don’t need a green thumb to grow these indoor microgreens.

Image Source: Facebook

3.  Pico by Altifarm

Watering your plants will never be a problem with these self-watering plant pods.

Image Source: Facebook

4.  Blooming Tables

The Blooming Tables are the most innovative way to bring an authentic nature’s touch to our homes.

Image Source: Facebook

5.  Grotta

These Totem Vases are versatile as they can transform a dull room.

Image Source: Facebook

6.  Lettuce Grow

Can you believe that you can grow 36 different plants within 3 to 4 weeks?

Image Source: Facebook

7.  Yankee Candle

Indulge yourself with the fresh and authentic scent from Yankee Candle’s scented candles.

Image Source: Facebook

8.  Modern Botanical

Modern Botanical’s Propagation Wall Hangers can give your dull walls a warm touch. 

Video Source: Facebook

9.  Oto Lawn

You can now effortlessly water your lawns with Oto Lawn’s Automatic Treatment and Sprinkler System.

Video Source: Facebook

10.  Lunarly

Lunarly offers various essential plant cares supplies such as the LED Grow Lights.

Image Source: Facebook

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