6 Best Thai Food Ads You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Verena – “Capture

Video Source: YouTube

Featuring a female Thai celebrity, Woonsen, it’s about a food dietary supplement checking what goes into the body.

2. Naturegift Instant Coffee Mix 21

Video Source: YouTube

Two women having a crush on their co-worker went from being body-shamed to drinking a coffee mix that has slimming properties.

3. Peckish Rice Crisps

Video Source: YouTube

A commercial shows a couple arguing about what snack to buy.

4. B-ing Bodyline 

Video Source: YouTube

The commercial is about a seemingly pregnant high-school girl revealing it as a food baby belly in the end.

5. Unif (09:58)

Video Source: YouTube

A female worker prepares lunch with nutritional value for a male co-worker in secret.




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