5 Best Bretman Rock Ads You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Curology TV Spot

Video Source: YouTube

Curology teamed up with Bretman Rock for his first skincare collaboration, featuring a build-your-own skincare package.

2. The Sims 4 Commercial

Video Source: YouTube

The Sims created five (5) personalities just for Bretman Rock to give the queer community space for their own.

3. Crocs Collaboration

Image Source: HYPEBAE

Teaming up with Crocs, Bretman Rock was able to create his limited-edition Jibbitz, with his signature logo “Baddest.”

4. Nike – Pride Campaign

Image Source: bretmanrock

Nike’s Pride-themed features a few faces for its Be True campaign, and one of them is Bretman Rock.

5. HP Laptop campaign

Image Source: Tubefilter

Bretman Rock isn’t only for the fashion and make-up industry; he’s even part of a laptop campaign!







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