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15 Most Expensive Boxing Products & Gifts

RankSports ProductPriceWhere to Buy
1Muhammad Ali Autographed WBA Championship Belt$14,999.99ICONS OF BOXING
2‘Saul’ Canelo Alvarez Autographed Everlast Red Glove Boxing$2,999.99ICONS OF BOXING
3Sylvester Stallone Hand Signed Boxing Shorts$1,999.99ICONS OF BOXING
4Muhammad Ali Signed Autographed Vintage Everlast Gloves$1,599.99ICONS OF BOXING
5Muhammad Ali Vintage Autographed photo $1,299.99ICONS OF BOXING
6George Foreman Autographed WBC Championship Boxing Belt$999.99ICONS OF BOXING
7INNOLIFE MMA Boxing Speed Trainer$379.89Amazon
8BlazePod LED Flash Reflex Training Pods for Boxing & Martial Arts$299.00Amazon
9INNOLIFE Wall Mount Uppercut Boxing MMA$299.99Amazon
10360° Boxing Training Equipment Speed Bar Fight Punching Balls$279.45eBay
11MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag$199.99Amazon
12Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Leather Training Boxing Gloves$179.49eBay
13Boxing Base Punching Bag with stand$176.48eBay
14Cleto Reyes Official Boxing Gloves$158.30eBay
15Hanging Boxing Bag $102.50eBay



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