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Top 20 Most Valuable Star Wars Lego Sets

RankStar Wars Lego SetsPriceWhere to Buy?
110123 Cloud City$3,612.59eBay
210179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon$3,068.65eBay
310143 Death Star II$2,447.09eBay
4Star Wars Celebration IV Exclusive$2,264.87eBay
5San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Clone Wars$1,914.84eBay
610018 Darth Maul$1,828.33eBay
710030 Imperial Star Destroyer$1,800.00Amazon
810019 Rebel Blockade Runner$1,685.83eBay
910195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker$1,538.81Amazon
107191 X-wing Fighter$1,491.26eBay
1175188-2 Resistance Bomber (Finch Dallow)$1,275.83eBay
1210221 Super Star Destroyer$1,110.33eBay
1310212 Imperial Shuttle$1,099.03eBay
1410175 Vader’s TIE Advanced$1,050.00eBay
15Comic-Con Collectable Display Set 6$982.01eBay
1610026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter$972.84eBay
1710134 Y-wing Attack Starfighter$904.48eBay
1810129 Rebel Snowspeeder$860.95eBay
1975159 The Death Star$835.00eBay
207662 Trade Federation MTT$832.23eBay
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Most Valuable Retail LEGO Star Wars Sets | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10123 Star Wars Cloud City | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10179 Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10143 Star Wars Death Star II | BrickEconomy
LEGO Star Wars Celebration IV Exclusive | BrickEconomy
LEGO Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Clone Wars | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10018 Star Wars Darth Maul | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10030 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10019 Star Wars Rebel Blockade Runner | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10195 Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker | BrickEconomy
LEGO 7191 Star Wars X-wing Fighter | BrickEconomy
LEGO 75188-2 Star Wars Resistance Bomber (Finch Dallow) | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10221 Star Wars Super Star Destroyer | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10212 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10175 Star Wars Vader’s TIE Advanced | BrickEconomy
LEGO Star Wars Comic-Con Collectable Display Set 6 | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10026 Star Wars Special Edition Naboo Starfighter | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10134 Star Wars Y-wing Attack Starfighter | BrickEconomy
LEGO 10129 Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder | BrickEconomy
LEGO 75159 Star Wars The Death Star | BrickEconomy
LEGO 7662 Star Wars Trade Federation MTT | BrickEconomy

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