Mr. Beast’s Top Three Rules for Success

Mr. Beast currently has 92 million subscribers on YouTube, which gives him about $600,000 a month.

Below are the three rules that make him so successful on YouTube.

First Rule—He Knows How To Make Viral Videos

Image Source: YouTube – MrBeast
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Mr. Beast knows what would interest audiences all over the world to watch his videos—a combination of reaction-type video, challenges, pranks, and drama that involves other big YouTubers and lots of money.

Mr. Beast’s first viral video was in 2017, where he’s seen counting up to 100,000.

Second Rule—He Has Mastered YouTube’s Algorithm

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Mr. Beast knows that YouTube cares about Click-Through rates and the amount of time someone watches your video.

Mr. Beast’s titles and thumbnails are captivating to audiences.

All of his YouTube videos also have a great hook from the start and don’t get resolved until the end; that’s why audiences are likely to watch the whole video.

Third Rule—He Focuses On Growing His Business First More Than Making Money

Image Source: Instagram – mrbeastburger

Mr. Beast invests the money he makes into making more videos, so instead of just having one viral video, Mr. Beast constantly creates more and more viral videos with more money involved.

He is also known to be YouTube’s biggest philanthropist. He is often quoted saying he would rather have no money and see people be so grateful to receive his money.

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