How Graham Stephan Makes Money: YouTube Ad Revenue, Program Sales, Sponsorships, & Affiliate Deals

According to, Graham Stephen earns $158,000 a month on YouTube ad revenue, program sales, sponsorships, and affiliate deals.

1. Main YouTube Channel

His main channel with his namesake has 3.7 million subscribers, making him $95,200 per month.

His content is based on the news of the day, the housing market, cryptocurrency, meme stocks, finance, saving, and investing.

The finance niche has a high cost per thousand impressions, allowing him to earn a lot from ad revenue.

He uploads three times a week and puts in 2-3 ads in each video.

2. Second YouTube Channel

Graham makes $14,200 per month on his secondary YouTube channel, The Graham Stephen Show, with over 820,000 subscribers.

He uploads three times a week here with content based on reaction videos and collaborations with other YouTubers.

3. Program Courses

According to, he also makes $41,600 a month on his programs, “The YouTube Creator Academy,” “The Real Estate Agent Academy,” and a private mentorship program where he answers questions and talks privately about topics.

4. Sponsorships

He also makes $4,100 a month from sponsors who pay him to mention their companies on his YouTube videos.

He recently got sponsored by WeBull, a platform used to invest in stocks online.

5. Affiliate Programs

Lastly, Graham earns $3,300 from affiliate deals. Graham has affiliate Amazon links for his camera and recording equipment.

He also has affiliate deals on stocks and bitcoin.


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