Graham Stephan: Top 4 Rules For Success

According to, Graham Stephen made $6 million in 2021 mainly from his YouTube channels, making you wonder what his success formula is.

Paddy Galloway, a YouTuber, explains the secrets to his success.

First Rule–He Leverages YouTube Ad Revenue

As Paddy Galloway explains, 10 million views on average brings about $40,000 in ad revenue, but for Graham he makes around $400,000 for the same amount of views.

Finance & family friendly content makes way more money.

Graham combines relevant content, which gains a lot of views very quickly, with evergreen content which earns views that grow over time.

Second Rule–He Casts A Wide Net With His Videos

Paddy breaks down the type of content Graham makes. Graham captures a wide variety of audiences by uploading in different YouTube channels, and not just one YouTube channel. 

He separates them by informative videos, reaction videos, podcasts, and vlogs. 

This way he casts his net wider and captures a broader audience.

Third Rule–He Understands How To Sell On YouTube

Paddy stresses Graham’s personality, because he is able to sell on YouTube in a non-sleazy way.

Graham cleverly infuses comedy skits in his sales pitches that keeps viewers responsive.

Graham understands that viewers tune out the minute someone tries to push something on them. 

Fourth Rule–He Sells Things That Scale

Lastly, Paddy explains that the best way to monetize a large audience is through passive revenue streams.

Graham does this through digital products and affiliate marketing. His online courses are a perfect example of evergreen digital products.

He created his YouTube program in a month, and two years later, he’s still making a lot of money from it.

Graham also says he makes about $1 million a year from affiliate marketing. Graham is able to execute affiliate marketing correctly, that’s why he earns a lot of money from it.


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