Child of Kamiari Month Characters: Height and Age

Kanna Hayama~4 ft 11 in12 years old 
Yasha~5 ft  1 in~12 years old (physically)
Miki~5 ft 0 in~12 years old

Explanation of Child of Kamiari Month Characters’ Height

Image Source: Rice Digital

Kanna’s approximate height is 4 feet and 11 inches, based on the average height of girls from Hatena Blog.

A photo from Anime Corner showed Kanna and Yasha side by side, making Yasha approximately 5 feet and 1 inch.

We determined Miki’s approximate height of 5 feet flat through the movie while she was with Kanna.

Explanation of Child of Kamiari Month Characters’ Age

Kanna’s age was from the synopsis given in Anime Corner and MyAnimeList.

Since Miki is a classmate of Kanna, she is approximately the same age as her, 12 years old.

For Yasha, he is a descendant of the demon god, but he physically looks approximately as a 12-year-old.



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