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House of Ashes Main Characters: Height and Age

Rachel King~5 ft 4 in35 years oldFemale
Lieutenant Salim Othman~5 ft 8 in40 years oldMale
Sergeant Nicolas “Nick” Kay~5 ft 10 in 30 years oldMale

Explanation of House of Ashes Main Characters’ Height

Image Source: My Game Wallpapers

First, we determined the height of Rachel through the data from US News. It showed that the average woman is within 5 feet and 4 inches.

Lieutenant Salim’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches. It was collected through the average height for Iraq males from the World Population Review.

We got Sergeant Nick’s approximate height for average male height in the United States, 5 feet and 10 inches from the same source. 

An excerpt from the game has Lieutenant Salim and Sergeant Nick in one frame. It is seen in Salim’s Gallery under Slayer, wherein Salim is holding Nick by the mouth. 

Nick is surely taller than Salim by a few inches from the mentioned excerpt.

Explanation of House of Ashes Main Characters’ Age

The characters all have ages stated in their Wiki Profiles from The Dark Pictures Wiki.

The oldest among the three characters is Lieutenant Salim, 40 years old. Rachel, 35 years old, follows him, and the youngest is Sergeant Nick, 30 years old.



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