Song of the Sea Characters: Height and Age

Ben~4 ft 7 in10 years old~50 lbsMale
Saoirse~3 ft 7 in4 years old~30 lbsFemale
Conor~5 ft 9 in~40 years old~177.9 lbsMale

Explanation of the Characters’ Height

How Tall Were Velociraptors?
How Tall Were Velociraptors?
Image Source: ScreenAnarchy

All of the character’s height were determined through searching for the average height based on their ages. 

Ben’s height is from the data in Healthline. The height given was 138.5 cm, and we converted it through Height Converter, giving us 4 feet and 7 inches.

For Saoirse’s height, we adjusted her height based on a photo from Pinterest by aoibluevi. She is shorter than Ben, which matches the data from Children’s Wisconsin. Saoirse places at 3 feet and 7 inches.

Conor’s height is based on The Sun, showing the average height and weight of Irish men. From there, Conor is approximately standing at 5 feet and 9 inches.

Explanation of the Characters’ Age

Only the sibling’s age was mentioned in a photo from ScreenAnarchy. Ben is already 10 years old, while Saoirse is 4 years old. The two siblings have a 6 years difference in terms of age.

As for their father, Conor, he is approximately 40 years old, as per his appearance and description from the same source.



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