Goodbye, DonGlees! Characters: Height and Age

Rouma “Roma” Kamogawa~5 ft 6 in15 years old~127.0 lbsMale
Hokuta “Toto” Mitarai~5 ft 7 in16 years old~133.4 lbsMale
Shizuku “Drop” Sakuma~4 ft 11 in15 years old~101.9 lbsMale

Explanation of the Characters’ Height

Image Source: AniList

A picture from Go Nagai World became our basis for the characters’ height.

Starting with Hokuta, he appears to be the tallest character between Rouma and Shizuku. Making Hokuta’s height approximately 5 feet and 7 inches, as per the average height based on age according to Hatena Blog

We got Rouma’s height of approximately 5 feet and 6 inches from the same source since he is shorter than Hokuta.

For Shizuku’s height, it seems that he was shorter than the average height for his age. He reached Rouma’s shoulder and Hokuta’s chest level, placing him at approximately 4 feet and 11 inches.

Explanation of the Characters’ Age

Since we got the main characters on AniList, we gathered their exact ages.

Hokuta is the oldest one at 16 years old, while Rouma and Shizuku are both 15 years old.



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