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Iron Man: The Animated Series (1994) Characters’ Height, Age, and Cosplay Guide

Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark6’1”
35225 lbs
425 lbs
Iron ManMale
James “Rhodey” Rhodes6’1”32210 lbsWar MachineMale
Justin Hammer6’0”~65170 lbsMr. HammerMale

Image Source: TV Tropes

Analysis of the Characters’ Height

From Genesis Entertainment, Marvel Action Universe got a spot for a television block. It featured Iron Man and Fantastic Four, which lasted two seasons each. The first is the animated series Iron Man followed by Fantastic Four. 

We’ll be discussing Iron Man and two other characters from Iron Man: The Animated Series (1994).

Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark, or Tony Stark, is behind the superhero Iron Man. Tony’s height varies when he wears his suit and when they’re off. 

According to Tony’s profile from Spiderman animated wikia, Tony stands at the height of 6 feet and 1 inch if in regular clothes. In Tony’s profile on Iron Man Wiki, his height adds up to 6 feet and 6 inches if wearing his armor suit.

Tony’s best friend is James “Rhodey” Rhodes. Based on his Spiderman animated wikia profile, James’ height is the same as Tony when he’s wearing his everyday suit. 

If James wears his suit, he goes by the name of War Machine and is probably the same height as Tony when in armor.

Mr. Hammer, or Justin Hammer, is the shortest among the other two. For Justin’s Spiderman animated wikia profile, his height reached 6 feet flat. 

Analysis of the Characters’ Age

Tony Stark’s Iron Man Wiki profile mentioned his age under Trivia. To be exact, Tony is already in his 30s, 35 years old, as revealed in the Invincible Iron Man #500.

For James Rhodes, we got his age through his Comic Crossroads profile. Rhodey is three years younger than Tony; he’s 32 years old.

Justin Hammer has no definite age, but we found his profile at Comic Adventures Wiki. Justin is already in his 60s, approximately 65 years old. 

Want to know more about the characters? Hop on to their linked profiles! 


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