What Are the Heights, Ages, and Weights of the Chainsaw Man Characters

According to Chainsaw Man Wiki, the story was based on Manga Series. This was about a guy called “Denji”. When his father died, Denji was stuck with a huge debt and no way to pay it back. Thanks to the help of a Devil dog he saved named Pochita, though, Denji is able to scrape by as a Devil Hunter working for the Yakuza.When the mob betrays Denji and he’s killed by a Devil, Pochita sacrifices himself to revive his former master. Now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man's Main Characters Heights and Ages
Image Source: Chainsaw Man Fandom Wiki
Denji~ 5ft & 7in17 years old~ 110 lbs
Power~ 5ft & 6in~17  years old (Human Form)
~1000+ years old (Fiend)
~ 110 lbs
Makima~ 5ft & 3in~24 years old (Human Form)
~2000+ years old (Devil)
~ 120 lbs
Captain Kishibe~ 5ft & 8in50 years old~ 340 lbs
Aki Hayakawa~ 5ft & 9in~ 18 years old~ 120 lbs
Prinz~ 5ft & 3in~ 19 years old~ 110 lbs
Angel~ 5ft & 7in~ 17 years old~ 110 lbs
Himeno~ 5ft & 3in~ 18 years old~ 110 lbs
Fushi~ 5ft & 7in~ 17 years old~ 120 lbs
Madoka~ 5ft & 9in~ 19 years old~ 130 lbs
Hirokazu Arai~ 5ft & 9in22 years old~ 150 lbs
Kobeni Higashiyama~ 5ft & 2in20 years old~ 90 lbs
Beam~ 5ft & 7in~ 22 years old~ 140 lbs
Galgali~ 5ft & 8in~ 20 years old~ 130 lbs
Furono~ 5ft & 9in~ 45 years old~ 320 lbs



The heights of Chainsaw Man’s characters are not revealed in the manga. Hence, we estimated their heights on the data and physical appearance based on Colonel Height and Chainsaw Man Wiki.

We have read from the Live Japan website that the average height of a 17-year-old Japanese boy is 170 centimeters or 5 feet and 7 and that is Denji’s height.

As for Power, in the last panel of Chapter 30, she appears to be an inch shorter than Denji. So, she is 5ft & 6in.

Next, we estimated Makima’s height based on her appearance in Chapter 81. She seems to be half a head shorter than Denji; thus, her height is probably 5 feet and 3 inches.

Also, the following persons, Aki Hayawaka, Madoka, Hirokazu Arai and Furono are taller than Denji. So, we estimated their heights to be 5ft & 9in.

Then, Captain Kishibe and Galgali have the same approximate heights of 5ft & 8in. They are also quite taller than Denji.

Moreover, the female characters have an average height for Japanese women. So, Prinz and Himeno stand 5ft & 3in approximately. Lastly, the petite character as mentioned on Wiki Fandom is Kobeni Higashiyama. So, she is 5ft & 2in approximately.


We have read from the Chainsaw Man Fandom Wiki that Denji’s current age is 17 years old.

Since Power is a Blood Fiend, she occupied a teenage girl’s body to survive. The body she inhabited appears to be the same age as Denji.

On the other hand, since Power’s a Fiend, her real age might be 1000+ years old.

As for Makima, her human form appears older than Denji’s and Power’s. With that, we estimated that her human form is 24 years old.

Then, her Devil age is older than Power as well, especially of her high rank as a Devil Hunter. 

That said, Makima could be 2000+ years old. Since, she already lived for many years as a devil.

Also, Captain Kishibe, Hirokazu Arai and Kobeni Higashiyama’s ages were mentioned on Chainsaw Man Wiki. The ages are 50 years old, 22 years old and 20 years old, respectively.

Then, Angel and Fushi are 17 years old approximately. Since, they are friends with Denji on the series so, we estimated their age to be the same as the main protagonist of the series.

Moreover, Aki Hayakawa and Himeno, Prinz and Madoka  are estimated to have an age of 18 years old and 19 years old, respectively. They are quite older than Denji maybe one or two years gap.

Lastly, Galgali, Beam and Furono are approximated to be 20, 22, and 50 years old, respectively. The characters look like they’re already an adult so, we estimated their ages to be 20 or more.


How heavy the character on the series depends on their heights and ages. Also, BMI Chart is the basis to estimate their weights. Moreover, the physical attributes can also a basis of how heavy they are.

Firstly, the two heaviest characters are Captain Kishibe and Furono. They have weighed 340 lbs and 320 lbs, respectively. Since, they are the oldest and tallest among all the characters no wonder to have the heaviest weights.

Secondly, Hirokazu Akai, Beam, and Galgali weighed 150 lbs, 140 lbs and 130 lbs, respectively. They have physical features that looks like bigger than the rest of the characters but smaller that the two heaviest characters.

Next, Makima, Aki Hayawaka, and Fushi are estimated to weigh 120 lbs. The three characters look like they are fit and healthy so, their weight is normal.

Then, Denji, Power, Prinz, Himeno and Angel are 110 lbs approximately. The five characters have almost the same heights and ages so, their weights could possibly be the same also. Lastly, the thinnest among them, Kobeni Higashiyama weighs 90 lbs approximately. She has the smallest physical features, height and age that makes her the lightest character among the others.



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