Castlevania Characters: Height, Ages, and Anniversary Collection

CharactersHeightAgeDate of BirthSpeciesGender
Alucard~6’1”20 Immortalc. 1456DhampirMale
Dracula~7’0”Immortalc. 1062 A.D.VampireMale
Trevor Belmont~6’0”20c. 1456Human (Monster Hunter)Male

Image Source: Castlevania Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height

From the video game with the same name, here’s Castlevania! It’s a video game series packed with action, adventure, dark fantasy, and horror set in the Medieval era.

The animated series revolved around Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, with some events on another two games, Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness.

In this article, we’ll be talking about three characters present from both the video game series and the animated one. They are Alucard, Dracula, and Trevor Belmont.

For the characters’ height, we found some approximates from Reddit.

Starting with Trevor Belmont, he appears to be the shortest among the other two characters. He is approximately 6 feet flat, still relatively tall.

Next, let’s take at Alucard’s height. In the post, the user mentioned that he’s slightly taller than Trevor, which makes him approximately 6 feet and 1 inch. 

As for Dracula, the main antagonist of the series is the tallest. Based on the same post, Dracula’s height varies in his appearance. Although that’s the case, he is still one of the tallest guys in Castlevania, approximately 7 feet flat.

Analysis of the Characters’ Age

The characters’ age and dates of birth were all collected from their Wiki Profiles.

Trevor Belmont and Alucard were born in the same year, c. 1456. The two are both 20 years old. But for Alucard, he only appears to be the said age because he’s Immortal. 

The same goes for Dracula with his Immortality; he was born in c. 1062 A.D. Although Dracula is Immortal, he met his end in the Demon Castle War or the Battle of 1999. 

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