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Trese: Alexandra Trese’s Height and Age

Alexandra Trese5’6”~26Babaylan-MandirigmaFemale

Image Source: Trese Wikipedia

Analysis of Alexandra Trese’s Height

Behind the calm exterior of Manila, a female detective named Alexandra Trese helps the police in handling the supernatural crimes occurring in the bustling city. 

Entitled Trese, here’s a little profile about its main character, Alexandra Trese. 

Alexandra fights off the paranormal along with her spirit-forged knife, Sinag. According to her Wiki Profile, she stands at the height of 5ft 6in.

Analysis of Alexandra Trese’s Age

With years of training, Alexandra’s age is still considered young. There was no exact age in her Wiki Profile but only states she’s in her late 20s.

According to Alexandra’s history, she started at the young age of 15 years old for her first case, along with her father, Anton. 

Inside the Great Balete Tree Trials, Alexandra was soon turning 18 years of age. Thus, her venture resulted in a total of 3 years.

In the present story, Alexandra is now in her late 20s, approximately 26 years old.

Trese: Comic Book Series’ Volume 1-3

  1. Trese: Murder On Balete Drive – $16.99
  2. Trese: Unreported Murders – $14.99
  3. Trese: Mass Murders – $16.99

Total: $48.97


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