Shaman King: Asakura Yoh’s Height, Age, and Cosplay Guide

CharacterHeightDebut AgeEnd of Season AgeWeightBirthdateGender
Asakura Yoh5’3”132238 kgMay 12, 1985Male

Image Source: Shaman King Wikipedia

Analysis of Asakura Yoh’s Height

Heir to the Asakura Family, Asakura Yoh’s the main character of the anime series, Shaman King.

There was no given height from Yoh’s Wiki Profile, so we searched elsewhere. Taken from MyAnimeList, Yoh’s height reaches up to 160cm, and when converted, it’s 5ft 3in. 

Analysis of Asakura Yoh’s Age

At the start of the series, Asakura Yoh is only 13 years of age, as stated in his Wiki Profile

From MyAnimeList, they mentioned that in season 2, Yoh is 14 years old, only a year difference from his debut age of 13. Towards the end of the series, he has reached the age of 22 years old. 


Asakura Yoh: Cosplay Guide

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