Beyond the Boundary: Mirai Kuriyama’s Height, Age, and Cosplay Guide

CharacterHeightSeries AgeMovie AgeBirthdayRaceGender
Mirai Kuriyama5’0”1415March 31Spirit World WarriorFemale

Image Source: Kyoukai no Kanata Wiki

Analysis of Mirai Kuriyama’s Height

The female protagonist of Beyond the Boundary, we have Mirai Kuriyama. The series revolves around spirits under the disguise of a human image.

Mirai Kuriyama’s Wiki Profile explained that she is a part of the Spirit World Warrior. 

Since Mirai’s blood is used as weaponry, her height only goes up to 152 cm, as per her profile. If it’s converted, it will be 5ft flat.

Analysis of Mirai Kuriyama’s Age

Beyond the Boundary has an anime series and a two-part movie, Beyond the Boundary Movie – I’LL BE HERE-. 

The first movie is named Past Arc, while the second is Future Arc. As for Past Arc, it’s only a retelling of the anime series. 

So, in this case, Mirai Kuriyama’s age stays the same, 14 years old, according to Beyond the Boundary Movie – I’LL BE HERE- and her Wiki Profile.

The second part of the movie, Future Arc, it’s only set a year after Past Arc’s timeline. That means Mirai’s age is only a year different. In Future Arc, she’s reached 15 years of age.

Mirai Kuriyama: Cosplay Guide

  1. Beyond the Boundary Kyokai no Kanata Kuriyama Mirai Cosplay Costume – $128.99
  2. Kyouki no Kanata Mirai Kuriyama Wood Cosplay Weapon/Blood Sword – $35.67

Total: $164.66



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