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She-Ra: Princess of Power Characters’ Cosplay Guides

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Throughout the history of She-Ra: Princess of Power, there have been many unique and colorful costumes that the characters wore throughout their adventures. Dive into this guide to learn about original costume designs for your favorite She-Ra characters!

1. She-Ra

Buy items:

  1. She-Ra Helmet Ring $40.00
  2. Shera Princess of Power Cosplay Dress $67.99
  3. She Ra Princesses of Power Sword of Protection$32.98
  4. Thigh High Low Heel Long Booties$90.98

Total Amount: 231.95

2. Bow

Buy Items:

  1. Medieval Leather Chest Vest $79.90
  2. Hanes EcoSmart Sweatpants$9.97
  3. HiiFeuer Medieval PU Leather Ring Belt$12.90
  4. Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set$34.97
  5. ROPER Men’s Ostrich Print Square Toe Cowboy Boot$95.99

Total Amount: $233.73

3. Catra

Buy Items:

  1. Catra Cosplay Outfit$35.99
  2. Long Layered Shoulder Length Brown with Camel Highlight wig$29.99

Total Amount: $65.98

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