Top 10 Most Valuable Marnie Pokémon Cards

RankFighting-Type Pokémon CardPriceWhere to Buy?
1Pokemon Trading Card Game Marnie SR Shiny Star V Trainers Support Japanese082/AK$3,512.99eBay
2Marnie BGS10 2020 POKEMON Japanese Sword SHEILD Shiny Star V MINT 190/198 SR$2,799.99eBay
3Pokemon Card Game Marnie SR Trading Card Trainers Support Girl Japanese 946/AK$2,789.99eBay
4Pokemon Marnie SR PSA10 Set J29-R174$2,670.67eBay
5Marnie sr Shiny Star V psa10 Pokemon Card J29-R173$2,644.36eBay
6PSA10 GEM Mint Pokémon 2020 Pokemon JPN SWSH FA MARNIE SHINY STAR V JP$2,500.00eBay
7Pokemon psa10 Shield Marnie J29-R161$2,407.55eBay
8Pokémon 2020 Pokemon JPN SWSH FA MARNIE PSA10 GEM Mint SHINY STAR V Japanese$2,159.99eBay
9Pokemon Card Japanese Marnie’s Pride SR 419/414 SLStart deck 100 PSA 10 Gem Mint$1,950.00eBay
10PSA 10 GEM MINT Pokemon Japanese 2021 Start Deck 100 Full Art Marnie’s Pride 419$1,499.90eBay


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From our list, the most valuable Marnie Pokémon card is sold at more than 3,500 dollars.

Also, the tenth-ranked card is equally valuable and is sold at almost 1,500 dollars.

Lastly, all the Marnie cards are sold singly except for the fourth-ranked card, where you can get two Marnie cards as a set.

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