The Millionaire Detective Characters: Height and Age

Daisuke Kambe5’6”27February 2Male
Haru Kato5’10”29May 2Male
Suzue Kambe5’7”25July 30Female

Image Source: Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height 

Who knew a millionaire could be a detective? Here are the three characters, along with their height! 

Starting with Daisuke Kambe, he stands at 5ft 6in. Daisuke is the said millionaire detective, and according to his Wiki Profile, when he wears elevated shoes, his height becomes 5ft 8in.

Next, we have someone tall even without elevated shoes, Haru Kato. Based on his Wiki Profile, his height reaches 5ft 10in.

Lastly, the third character is a family member of Daisuke and does undercover work for him, Suzue Kambe. As stated on her Wiki Profile, her height is 5ft 7in.

These three characters form an effective team for missions led by Daisuke, and all will work as a team. Thus, Haru leads the group, and Daisuke places last for their height.

Analysis of the Characters’ Ages 

It becomes the other way around when age is involved. Gathered from the characters’ Wiki Profile, here are their ages.

Surprisingly, all of the characters are still in their 20s, at least for the show’s duration.

First up is Daisuke Kambe who is 27 years old, and Suzue Kambe is only 25 years old. Haru Kato’s age is 29 years old.

In short, Haru is still on the lead as the oldest, followed by Daisuke, and the youngest, Suzue.


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