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The God of High School Characters: Height and Age

CharactersHeightPre-Timeskip AgePost-Timeskip Age
Jin Mori~5’8”17 (Biologically)
~1,000 (Chronologically)
Han Daewi5’11”17 34Male
Yu Mira~5’6”17 34Female

Image Source: The Movie DB

Analysis of the Characters’ Height 

If a god studies, then is he a high school student? Here are the three main characters from The God of High School! 

The only character with a given height is Han Daewi. According to Wiki Profile, he stands at the height of 5ft 11in. 

For Jin Mori and Yu Mira, their height is only approximated with the basis of Han Daewi’s height.

One picture from a Pinterest user, Shanga Vishnyakovskaya, showed a full-body photo of these three. It shows that Jin Mori and Yu Mira are shorter than Han Daewi. 

Another full-body photo is from Miro, showing their height differences. For a close-up, here’s one from DougCobbayne.

Jin Mori’s height didn’t differ much from Han Daewi, so it’s approximated as 5ft 8in.

But Yu Mira’s height showed quite a gap between Jin Mori and Han Daewi. Thus, Yu Mira’s height is approximately 5ft 6in.

Ranking them, we have Han Daewi as the tallest, while Yu Mira is the shortest.

Analysis of the Characters’ Ages 

Going through their Wiki Profiles, here are their age pre-timeskip and post-timeskip Ragnarōk age.

Jin Mori’s pre-timeskip age is known to be 17 years old biologically. However, if we base it on his age chronologically, he’ll be around a thousand years already. Jin’s Ragnarōk age is unknown because it’s said that he reduced himself to a 19-year-old named Dan Mori.

Han Daewi’s Wiki Profile shows that his pre-timeskip age is 17 years old. At the same time, his post-timeskip age is 34 years old. 

The same goes for Yu Mori, as stated in her Wiki Profile. Yu Mori and Han Daewi are only the same age.


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