The Devil is a Part-Timer! Characters’ Height and Age

Sadao Maou5’8”~30065 kgMaleDemon
Emilia Justina5’4”~1753 kgFemaleHuman/Angel
Shirō Ashiya6’0”1,57372 kgMaleDemon

Image Source: Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height 

In a world where a demon can go to earth, they should also find a way to earn money, right? No matter their species, let’s take a look at their height!

With an appearance of a human, Sadao Maou doesn’t have a problem blending in with the crowd. According to his Wiki Profile, his height is at 173cm, and when converted, it’ll become 5ft 8in.

Second, we have a hybrid of a Human and an Angel, Emilia Justinia. Based on her Wiki Profile, she stands at 163cm, and if converted, it’s 5ft 4in.

Lastly, there’s Sadao’s loyal Demon General, Shirō Ashiya. His recorded height is 184cm in his Wiki Profile, and when converted, it’ll be 6ft flat.

As the Demon General, Shirō takes the 1st spot in ranking their height. The shortest would be Emilia.

Analysis of the Characters’ Ages 

Since the characters are not of this world; their ages are not your typical numbers. 

First off, Sadao’s age is already around 300 years. If you ask him in person, he’d say he’s 21 years old.

In Emilia’s case, she’s around 17 years old, but she’s 20 years old in the human world.

Don’t get surprised as we get to Shirō’s age. He’s already reached a thousand years; to be exact, Shirō is already 1,573 years of age.

Age indeed doesn’t matter for Shirō, as he continues to be loyal to Sadao. Emilia is the youngest and the last placer, same as their height ranking.


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