Angels of Death Characters: Height and Age

Rachel “Ray” Gardner5’1”13June 10Female
Isaac “Zack” Foster6’1”~20July 24Male
Daniel “Danny” Dickens5’10”~30September 2Male

Image Source: Angels of Death Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height 

Escaping a deathly doctor, let’s see what the future has in store for these three characters! 

Jumping to their Wiki Profiles, their height, ages, birthdays, and gender, are all mentioned in the table above.

Staring with their height, we have Rachel “Ray” Gardner as the first character to examine. According to her Wiki Profile, she reaches a height of 5ft 1in. 

Isaac “Zack” Foster is the second character. Based on his Wiki Profile, he stands at the height of 6ft 1in.

We now have the doctor, Daniel “Danny” Dickens, chasing these two characters throughout the series. In terms of Danny’s height, his Wiki Profile states that he’s 5ft 10in.

Regarding the characters’ rank, Zack would be the tallest, and Ray would be the shortest among the three.

Analysis of the Characters’ Ages 

Since we’ve discussed their height, the next column in the table is for the characters’ age. 

First off, we have Ray. We’ve also gathered her age, 13 years old, at the same Wiki Profile.

As for Zack, there was no exact age given, only an approximate. The same Wiki Profile states that he’s approximately 20 years old.

The same goes for Danny’s age. Although it’s unknown, he’s a psychiatrist, which takes up to an average of 12 years of completion based on GoodTherapy plus the years of first and secondary education. Thus, we can say that Danny is approximately 30 years of age.

Concluding the characters’ stand in age, Danny would still be the oldest, and Ray would be the youngest.


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