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3 Best Camilo Madrigal Cosplay


Image Source: Disney/TikTok – chattalott

Hands down, this cosplay is one of the best ever created! TikToker chatalott got us hooked with their Camilo portrayal. Can we talk about how they look just like Camilo? In this side-by-side photo, chatalott recreated one of Camilo’s funniest scenes, and the cosplayer nailed it! Additionally, their resourcefulness is reflected in how fantastic the costume looks.   


Have you repeated Camilo’s part in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”? Well, you will be obsessed with it once again after you’ve seen SeeJayLewis’s portrayal of Camilo. His version of Camilo is lively and cheerful, as the character is in the movie. Also, check out how accurate his costume is.


Here’s another recreation of Camilo’s appearance in the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Let’s appreciate how li.cos’s efforts in crafting a detailed version of Camilo’s attire. You can even see Camilo’s sign, the chameleon. The cosplayer’s resourcefulness and artistry are evident in the photo. Everything looks alive!

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