Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy Cosplay Guide

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In Horizon Zero Dawn, outfits allow for protection against the variety of dangers Aloy encounters. Each outfit provides different base values of resistance to unique types of damage. An outfit’s base values can be augmented using modifications.

Here are some Aloy cosplay ideas for beginners and experienced cosplayers alike!

You can get this Aloy Zero Dawn Cosplay Costume at Amazon, or buy the items below which will help you create the perfect Aloy cosplay outfit:

  1. Long Copper Fox Red Hair Wig for Women (Check Price)
  2. Long Silk Hair Wrap Scarf (Check Price)
  3. Sheepskin Fur Shearling Stylish Knee High Winter Snow Boots (Check Price)
  4. Short Sleeve Casual Cropped tee Round Neck (Check Price)
  5. Vest Women Faux Suede Open-Front Vintage Vest Sleeveless (Check Price)
  6. Leather Slit Bodycon Mini Skirt High Waist (Check Price)
  7. Leather Western Cowboy Gun Rig Holster (Check Price)
  8. Wooden Beaded Necklaces (Check Price)
  9. Plum Winter Scarf (Check Price)

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