Casa Madrigal House Tour and Furniture Ideas

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Casa Madrigal is a three-story building in a square that encircles the center’s ceiling-less courtyard.  It is the Madrigal family’s home, gifted to the family via a magical candle. Since the building is sentient, it is practically a character in itself. Here’s a sneak peek at Casa Madrigal!


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The recreational rooms on the ground floor include the kitchen and dining room. The bedrooms are on the second floor, which has a long balcony that overlooks the courtyard.

The kitchen and dining room have wooden accents, and the counters are made of bricks with simple tile designs. It has a minimalist design with plants hanging from the ceiling and in the room’s corners and a chandelier in the dining area.

Each bedroom door has a carved-in image of the inhabitant using their respective gift, illuminated by a golden glow. The appearance of each bedroom corresponds to their designated gift.

Mirabel’s room also serves as a nursery room where children under the age of five get to stay before their gift ceremony comes.


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Experience the magic of Casa Madrigal in Madrigal Colonial House Restored in Merida Centro. The house consists of 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Equipped kitchen and a pleasant poolside terrace where you can spend an excellent afternoon.

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