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One-Punch Man Characters: Height & Ages

Saitama or Caped Baldy5’9”25B-Class: Rank 7Male
Genos or Demon Cyborg5’10”19S-Class: Rank 14Male
Bang or Silver Fang5’5”81S-Class: Rank 3Male
Fubuki or Blizzard of Hell5’5 ¾”23B-Class: Rank 1Female
King or The Strongest Man on Earth6’1 ½”29S-Class: Rank 7Male

Image Source: One-Punch Man Wiki

Analysis of the Characters’ Height

Stated in all of the characters’ Wiki Profile, below are their height given in both centimeters(cm) and feet (ft) inches (in).

First, we have Saitama, and his Wiki Profile height record is 5 ft 9 in. Next, Genos’ height of 5ft 10in, based on his Wiki Profile.

According to Bang’s Wiki Profile, a.k.a Silver Fang, his height is 5ft 5in. Then, we have the only female character, Fubuki. Based on her Wiki Profile, her height record is 5 ft 5¾ in. 

Now, it’s time for The Strongest Man on Earth, King. His height record is 6 ft 1½ in, as is on his Wiki Profile.

There’s no denying that King is the tallest character, and surprisingly, Bang is the shortest.

Analysis of the Characters’ Age

Along with the characters’ height record, their ages are also included in their Wiki Profile.

Let’s talk about the characters below the 20s. Unexpectedly, it’s Genos, the only 19 years old and the youngest character in this table.

Next, here are the characters in their 20s. We have three, namely Fubuki, Saitama, and King, from youngest to oldest. They are 23 years old, 25 years old, and 29 years old, respectively.

Given that Bang is the shortest character, in terms of age, he’s the oldest. Silver Fang is already 81 years old. 


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