Moriarty the Patriot Characters: Height & Ages

CharactersHeightAge (Pre-Time skip)Age (Post-Time skip)Gender
William James Moriarty6’1”2427Male
Louis James Moriarty6’0”2326Male
Albert James Moriarty6’2”2730Male
Sherlock Holmes6’1”2427Male
John H. Watson5’10”2629Male


Analysis of the Characters’ Height

Everyone mentioned in the table above has their height given in centimeter format on their Wiki Profiles. To better understand easily, the following are converted into feet and inches.

Firstly, William Moriarty’s height is 185cm in his Wiki Profile, and when converted, it’s 6ft 1in. Louis Moriarty’s height is 184cm in his Wiki Profile. If converted, it’ll be 6ft flat.

Next, Albert Moriarty’s height is 188cm based on his Wiki Profile and converted into 6ft 2in. 

Sherlock’s Wiki Profile states that he is 185cm, and if converted, becomes the same height as William’s. Lastly, according to John’s Wiki Profile, his height is 179cm. It’ll be 5ft 10in when converted.

Albert will be the tallest if they’re ranked, while John would make the shortest.

Analysis of the Characters’ Age

Seen in the table above are the characters’ ages, but a time skip happened in the story. There’s a total of three years for the time skip interval.

Given that, William’s age of 24 years old pre-time skip became 27 years old post-time skip. Since Sherlock’s the same age as William, their ages are only the same.

For Louis, he appeared pre-time skip as 23-year-old and later became 26 years old. Albert’s pre-time skip age is 27 years old. Later on, he became a 30-year-old.

John’s pre-time skip age shows he is 26 years old, and post-time skip, he became 29 years old.

The oldest among the characters’ post-time skip age would be Albert, while Louis would be the youngest. 


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