Detailed Alma “Abuela” Madrigal Costume Guide & Gift Ideas


Image Source: Kabayare Fashion/Etsy

1. Maroon Turtle-neck and Long-sleeved Maxi Dress – Though there’s no ready-made dress similar to Abuela yet, you can don this elegant Maxi dress as a substitute. You can get this for $39 on Kabayare Fashion.

2. Vintage Black Shawl with Fringe – This vintage black shawl is identical to the ones in the movies! 

3. Encanto’s Magical Candle Replica (Battery-operated) – Of course, we cannot forget the main paraphernalia of Abuela, the Magical Candle. This operated replica is only $23.79 on Etsy.

4. Vintage Brown Leather Ankle Heels Shoes – You can complete Abuela’s main attire with these vintage ankle heel shoes. We recommend these as they are identical to Abuela’s in the movie.

5. Sterling Silver and Baroque Pearl Earrings – Accessorize with these pearl earrings. These highlight your elegance!

6. Thick Gold Band Ring – You must not forget to don Abuela’s treasured gold ring.

7. Steampunk Automatic Mechanical Pocketwatch with Keys – These accessories are the second to the last item you must not forget. We all know how important the pocket watch and the key are to Abuela.

8. Gerry’s Gold Butterfly Brooch – Lastly, complete your look with Abuela’s favorite butterfly brooch!


Image Source: AirBnb – Haydee/Etsy/LEGO/Astor Wines/Amazon

1. Casita-like Airbnb House – This is the perfect gift for your Encanto fanatic friends or relatives. You can experience how living in Casita is with this house! It is even erected in the town where the movie is inspired about.

2. Encanto’s Magical Candle (Real Wax) – If you want to be creative about your gift, you can buy this replica of the Magical Candle, and it’s made of wax!

3. LEGO’s The Madrigal House – This gift idea is suitable for children who like Abuela. Also, this is perfect for collectors. 

4. Organic Red Wine – One of Abuela’s famed lines in the movie is, “The magic is strong, and so are the drinks.” This Juliénas, Dufaitre is an organic wine from the 65-year-old Gamay vines. Of course, appearance-wise, it is similar to what Abuela drinks in the movie.

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