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The Legend of Korra Characters: Height & Ages

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Mako6’2”18MaleFire Bender
Bolin~5’9”16MaleEarth and Lava Bender
Asami Sato~6’0”18FemaleNon-bender
Tenzin6’2”51MaleAir Bender

Image Source: Screen Rant

Analysis of the Characters’ Height

For the characters’ height, we’ve gathered them from a Tumblr post from justsomewan, and the rest are approximated. The characters with definite height are Korra, Mako, and Tenzin. 

Starting with Korra’s Avatar Wiki Profile, she stands at 5ft 7in. Next is Mako, who reached a height of 6ft 2in; the same one on his Avatar Wiki Profile

Tenzin’s height is 6ft 2in, as mentioned in the comparison from justsomewan. As for Bolin and Asami, this picture from Tumblr proved that they are taller than Korra. Therefore, Bolin is approximately 5ft 9in, while Asami is 6ft flat.

Hence, if these five characters stand in a line, Tenzin is the tallest, and Korra is the shortest.

Analysis of the Characters’ Ages

Now, we have the characters’ age analyses from their Avatar Wiki Fandom profiles. The new Avatar in town, Korra, is only 17 years old according to her Avatar Wiki Profile

Mako, the fire bender of Team Avatar, is a year older than Korra. Based on his Avatar Wiki Profile, he is 18 years old. Bolin’s Avatar Wiki Profile says that he was 16 years old at the show’s Book One: Air. 

According to Asami Sato’s Avatar Wiki Profile, she’s 18 years old and the same age as Mako. Tenzin’s Avatar Wiki Profile says that he is 51 years old. 

In conclusion, Tenzin is the eldest among the characters, and Bolin is the youngest. 



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