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Zootopia Characters: Height and Ages

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Image Source: Disney Fandom Wiki

In a world full of animals, here’s Zootopia to show us how they live as citizens and as humans! Among these eight characters, their animated heights are gathered from magister-kekko, Imgur, and Vignette Wiki and their approximate ages based on their profile pages.

Nicholas “Nick” Wilde4ft32Red FoxCon ArtistMale
Judy Hopps2.33ft24RabbitParking Enforcement Officer Police Officer Female
Finnick1.4ft~34Fennec FoxCon ArtistMale
Benjamin Clawhauser5.2ft~33CheetahDispatcherMale
Chief Bogo8ft~45Cape BuffaloPolice ChiefMale
Dawn Bellwether2.69ft~30SheepAssistant MayorFemale
Douglas Ramses4.9ft~28SheepChemistMale
Gazelle 5.48ft~29GazelleSinger/Pop StarFemale

Analysis of Zootopia Characters’ Height

Living it up at 8ft flat, we have our tallest, Chief Bogo. He is a Cape Buffalo, and according to African Wildlife Report, a fully grown Cape Buffalo measures up to 4.9 – 5.7ft in all fours. Our next character, Dispatcher Benjamin Clawhuaser, is a Cheetah with 5.2ft. Based on Cheetah Conservation Fund, they can stand up to a height of 2ft 4in – 3 ft. Next, we have a Pop Star named Gazelle with 5.48ft. As her name suggests, she is a Gazelle, and the largest Gazelle, the Dama Gazelle, is said to grow up to 4.5 to 5.5ft tall, according to Live Science

For our male sheep working as a chemist, Douglas Ramses has 4.9ft. At the same time, another female sheep works as an assistant mayor, Dawn Bellwether, with 2.69ft. Since Douglas and Dawn are the same breeds, Domestic Sheep, they can be as tall as 2 – 4 feet, as stated in Live Science. With a height of 4ft flat, we have Nick Wilde, a Red Fox. According to Wildlife Online, their latest Red Fox specimen can be measured up to 4ft 9in. There’s also Finnick, a Fennec Fox, with 1.4ft. Fennec Foxes are the smallest foxes with gigantic ears, and they can grow up to 1ft 8in, according to SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Lastly, we have Judy Hopps, a bunny with 2.33ft. Based on Live Science, larger species of bunnies can grow up to 1ft 8in. But a Flemish Giant bunny holds a Guinness World Record with 4ft 3in.

To give them a ranking, we have Chief Bogo for 1st, Clawhauser at 2nd, Gazelle in 3rd, and Douglas at 4th. Then, we have Nick in 5th, Dawn in 6th, Judy in 7th, and Finnick in 8th.

Analysis of Zootopia Characters’ Age

The two characters with a definite age stated on their trivia from their profiles on Disney Fandom Wiki. As stated in his tax evasion confession, we have Nick Wilde, 32 years old. Next, Judy Hopps, 24 years old, according to a post from Byron Howard on Twitter. Then, we have Finnick, approximately 39 years of age, also stated via Twitter by co-director Byron Howard. For Benjamin Clawhauser, according to Reddit and Zootopia Fandom Wiki comments, he can be approximately 33 years old. As for Chief Bogo, Byron Howard also stated he’s around his mid-40s to be approximately 45 years old.

The three remaining characters are older than Judy but younger than Nick. We have Douglas Ramses, approximately 28 years old, also from the same reference from Clawhauser’s age. The same goes for Dawn Bellwether, approximately 30 years old. Lastly, Gazelle, approximately 29 years old, based on Byron Howard’s Twitter post, “Bogo is older than Gazelle.” 

All in all, Judy is the youngest, followed by Douglas, Gazelle, and Dawn. Then, Nick, Clawhauser, Finnick, and Chief Bogo are the oldest characters.



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