Brave Voice Actors: Height, Ages, and Birthdays

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Image Source: Disney Wiki

Join us as we tackle the characters’ courage in this Disney & Pixar movie, Brave! Let’s look at the behind-the-scenes with the characters and their voice actors. 

CharactersVoice ActorsHeightAgeBirthdayGender
Princess MeridaKelly Macdonald5’2.5”45February 23, 1976Female
Queen ElinorEmma Thompson5’8”62April 15, 1959Female
King FergusBilly Connolly6’0”79November 24, 1942Male
The WitchJulie Walters5’2”71February 22, 1950Female
Lord MacGuffinKevin McKidd6’0”48August 19, 1973Male
Lord MacintoshCraig Ferguson6’1”59May 17, 1962Male
Lord DingwallRobbie Coltrane6’1”71March 30, 1950Male

Analysis of Brave Voice Actors’ Height

Most of these voice actors have an established profile from various trusted biography sites. The first character mentioned above is Princess Merida, and her voice actress is Kelly Macdonald. According to her Married Biography, Kelly’s height is 5ft and 2.5in. Next is Princess Merida’s mother, Queen Elinor, and her voice actress named Emma Thompson. We’ve gathered Emma’s height on her profile on Married Biography, and as recorded, she stands at 5ft and 8in. Followed by the Queen, here’s King Fergus and his voice actor, Billy Connoly. From Billy’s profile at The Famous People, his height reaches up to 6ft flat. 

Voiced by Julie Walters, here’s the character named The Witch. Julie’s profile from Celebrity Born states that she stands at the height of 5ft and 2in. The last three characters are Lords in their respective kingdoms. The first one is Lord MacGuffin, voiced by Kevin McKidd. Also from Married Biography, it states that Kevin’s height reaches up to 6ft flat. Next is Lord Macintosh, voiced by Craig Ferguson. In Craig’s profile on Fact Celeb, he stands at 6ft and 1in. Lastly, Lord Dingwall, voiced by Robbie Coltrane. Based on his profile in Biography Mask, Robbie’s height is also 6ft and 1in. 

Craig and Robbie would tie at 1st place if they were ranked based on height. Then, they’re followed by Billy and Kevin in 2nd place. Next would be Emma in 3rd, Kelly in 4th, and Julie in 5th.

Analysis of Brave Voice Actors’ Age

Gathered also from the same profiles mentioned in the voice actor’s height analysis, here are their ages. According to Married Biography, Kelly Macdonald is currently 45 years old going 46 years on her birthday this February. Next is Emma Thompson, who is currently 62 years old, as stated in her Married Biography. She is waiting to be 63 years old on her upcoming birthday this April. Then, we have Billy Connoly, 79 years old, based on The Famous People. He is turning 80 years old later in November. 

Another voice actor in the 70s is Julie Walters, who is 71 years old, according to Celebrity Born. She will also be turning 72 years old this February. From  Kevin McKidd’s Married Biography, Kevin’s already 48 years old, waiting to be 49 years old this August. Next is Craig Ferguson’s Fact Celeb. He is currently 59 years old and in line for his 60 years of age based on his profile. Lastly, according to his Biography Mask, we have 71 years old, Robbie Coltrane. He, too, awaits his 72nd birthday this coming March.

So, the eldest among these eight voice actors is Billy. Then, there’s Julie and Robbie as the second oldest. Third is Emma, and then Craig, followed by the two youngest, Kevin and Kelly.



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