What Are the Heights, Ages, and Weights of the Big Hero 6 Characters

There’s no time to waste when it comes to saving the world! Based on the Marvel Comics with the same name, here is the superhero group, Big Hero 6! Released last 2014, Big Hero 6 is about a group of friends who turned into superheroes.

To get to know the eight cast better, we’ve gathered their heights from their profile at Disney Fandom Wiki and Tumblr user, disneysbighero6-bh6, and approximate ages with their weights, descents and gender.

Image Source: Disney Fandom Wiki
Hiro Hamada5’ 0”14 years old~ 100 lbsJapanese & CaucasianMale
Baymax6’ 2” (Vinyl)
6’ 5” (Armored)
N/A~ 200 lbsN/AMale
Wasabi 6’ 4”
6’ 5” (With Killer Dreads)
~ 21 years old~ 160 lbsAfrican-AmericanMale
Honey Lemon5’ 10” (Without Heels)
6’ 2” (With Heels)
~ 21 years old~ 130 lbs Latin-AmericanFemale
Go Go Tamago5’ 4”~ 21 years old~ 110 lbsKoreanFemale
Fred6’0”~ 21 years old~ 140 lbsAmericanMale
Tadashi Hamada~ 5’10”21 years old~ 130 lbsJapanese & CaucasianMale
Professor Robert “Yokai” Callaghan~ 6’2”~ 45 years old~ 150 lbsAmericanMale
Aunt Cass~ 5’4″~ 45 years old~ 120 lbsAmericanFemale
Yukio~ 6’1″~ 45 years old~ 160 lbsAmericanMale
Mbita~ 5’0″~ 14 years old~ 100 lbsAfrican-AmericanMale
Sofia~ 5’2″~ 14 years old~ 110 lbsAfrican-AmericanFemale
Ali~ 5’0″~ 14 years old~ 100 lbsAfrican-AmericanMale
Di Amara~ 5’2″~ 16 years old~ 110 lbsAmericanFemale
Abegail Callaghan~ 5’4″~ 30 years old~ 120 lbsAmericanFemale

Table of Contents:

Analysis of Big Hero 6 Characters’ Heights

Firstly, the number one on the table is a male character, Hiro Hamada. According to his Disney Fandom Wiki and a post from Fanpop, Hiro stands at 5ft flat.

Secondly, the ever-loving robot, Baymax, follows Hiro. If Baymax only wears his vinyl or his usual appearance of an all-white color, as stated on his Personnel File, he stands at 6ft 2in. But if he wears his armor when he fights, a total of 3in adds to his height and becomes 6ft 5in.

Then, for Wasabi, an African-American male character, his measures up to 6ft 4in. But if his dreadlocks are included, it becomes 6ft 5in, as recorded in his Personnel File.

Also, a Latin-American female character, Honey Lemon, is measured to a 5ft 10in. Because she always wore heels, it adds to her height, making it 6ft 2in, based on her Personnel File.

Moreover, another female character of Korean descent is Go Go Tamago. She measures up to 5ft 4in according to her Personnel File.

Next, Fred, a pure American who stands up to a height of 6ft flat. He is the collector of the members’ Personnel File, and he also has one for himself.

Then, Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi Hamada. He stands at an approximate 6ft 1in, based on a drawing or sketch by a Pinterest user. If you look closely at this picture on bente36’s post on Pinterest, Tadashi is shorter than Wasabi and Fred.

Also ,we have Professor Robert Callaghan, aka Yokai. In the same sketch as Tadashi’s reference, he is approximately 6ft 2in.

Without their armors or heels, Wasabi would take 1st place. He is then followed by Baymax and Professor Robert, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Tadashi. The last ones considered as the shortest are Go Go Tamago and Hiro.


Aunt Cass and Abegail Callaghan have the same height of 5ft and 4in approximately since they are both adults based on the average height of American women.

Also, Yukio has an approximate height of 6ft and 1in since he is one of the tallest persons in the movie.

Moreover, Mbita and Ali have the same height of 5ft approximately since they are teenagers like Hiro Hamada.

Lastly, Sofia and Di Amara have the same approximate height of 5ft and 2in since they are female teenagers.

Analysis of Big Hero 6 Characters’ Ages

Firstly, only two characters were able to have a definite age. Hiro’s Disney Fandom Wiki profile shows that he is 14 years old. For Tadashi, a Tumblr post confirmed that he is 21 years old in the movie franchise.

Secondly, the following characters, namely Fred, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Go Go Tamago, are approximately 21 years old. Since they are all college students and based on Tadashi’s confirmed age in the movie, their ages wouldn’t have been far off from each other.

Thirdly, Professor Robert is approximately 45 years old based on his Disney Fandom Wiki profile that says he’s in his mid-40s and from the same Pinterest post.

Fourthly,  Aunt Cass and Yukio are adults so, we estimated their ages as 45 years old.

Also, Abegail Callaghan is an adult but not older than Aunt Cass so, she is 30 years old approximately.

Moreover, Mbita, Sofia, and Ali probably have the same age of Hiro which is 14 years old.

Lastly, Di Amara is older than Hiro so, we estimated her age as 16 years old.

Analysis of Big Hero 6 Characters’ Weights

The weights of the characters are based on their heights and ages. Then, BMI Chart was used to determine their estimated weights.

Firstly, Hiro Hamada, Mbita, and Ali have the same estimated weights of 100 lbs as male teenagers.

Secondly, Go Go Tamago, Sofia, and Di Amara have the same estimated weights of 110 lbs.

Thirdly, Aunt Cass and Abegail Callaghan are estimated to weigh 120 lbs as female adults.

Fourthly,  Honey Lemon and Tadashi Hamada are 130 lbs approximately.

Moreover, Fred and Professor Robert “Yokai” Callaghan are estimated to weigh 140 lbs and 150 lbs, respectively.

Also, Wasabi is weighing 160 lbs approximately.

Lastly, the heaviest among the characters is Baymax. He is estimated to weigh 200 lbs as a robot.
















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