Aggretsuko Characters’ Ages

Haida25 years old
Retsuko25 years old
Gori40 years old
Washimi~30 years old
Fenneko25 years old
Ton~40 years old
Kabae~20 years old
Tsubone~45 years old
Komiya~20 years old
Tadano27 years old
Ookami~22 years old
Anai~26 years old
Hyodou~30 years old
Migi~17 years old
Puko25 years old
Manaka26 years old
Inui28 years old
Hidarin17 years old


Image Source: IMDb

The characters are stated to be more of the same age range since most of them were familiar with one another in high school. Therefore, the ages of some were approximated. The same goes for the analysis of those in “senior” positions who are assumed to be in their 40’s based on Tsubone’s age designation.

So. we have at number one in the Aggretsuko animated show the antagonist Tsubone who takes advantage of her seniority in the company and she is 45 years old. She’s a Komodo Dragon. The terrible boss Director Ton and Marketing Director Gori share second place who are both 40 years old. Ton is a Duroc pig while Gori is a hardworking gorilla. The honest leopard Hyoudou and Retsuko’s good friend Washimi are tied in fourth place at 30 years old apiece. The mild-mannered and demure Inui is next at 28 years of age.

Tech entrepreneur Tadano enters the countdown at seventh place and he is 27 years old. He is a cool donkey. Anai the accountant and the arrogant Manaka are tied at 26 years old each. The love interest hyena Haida and his panda crush Retsuko, who is the main protagonist, are both 25 years old. Sharing with them this average age are good friends Fenneko and Puko.  He’s a Fennec Fox while she’s a cougar.

The respectful accountant Ookami arrives on the list at 22 years old. The rumormonger Kabae and the obnoxious Komiya join the countdown at 20 years of age. They are a hippopotamus and a meerkat respectively. And finally in last place are good high school friends Hidarin and Migi. They are both 17 years old and are cute guinea pigs.


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