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Top 5 Best Arcane Cosplays

1. Ekko

Image Source: Diarati & League of Legends Wiki

One of the inventors known in the Arcane series, Ekko, has come to life! It wouldn’t be possible for this Ekko cosplay if not for Diarati, a TikTok content creator. She took herself the design of the outfit based on Ekko’s appearance in the series with her version of an Ekko hoverboard. 

2. Vi 

Image Source: .ayoitslani & League of Legends Wiki

Have you ever imagined what Vi would look like in real life? This TikTok cosplayer, .ayoitslani, already gave us a glimpse of her realistic cosplay of Vi! The red hair swept to the side, the tattoo on her neck and face, the jacket, bandages, and the makeup. What more can you ask?

3. Silco

Image Source: ONE Esports & League of Legends Wiki

The crime lord of the undercity Zaun, Silco, has reached the heart of TikToker Tanya with her username shinorisu. While spreading evil in the Arcane series, shinorisu has spread her artistic take on Silco’s appearance and is featured in an article at ONE Esports. Even Silco’s scarred face is perfectly sculpted into Tanya’s face, perfecting the cosplay.

4. Viktor

Image Source: Gehe & League of Legends Wiki

One cosplayer from Twitter has gone viral because of Gehe’s take on Viktor. In an article from GGRecon, Gehe Chou has created a lovely result after not doing heavy characterization, as mentioned in his reply on the post. Gehe took Viktor’s appearance to the next level when he captured even the slightest details, even the beauty mark.

5. Mel

Image Source: Aliya Will & League of Legends Wiki

Aliya Will posted her cosplay of Mel Medarda from the Arcane series, make-up and all. She has become a fan of the series and proceeded to show the Arcane fans her take of Mel. Aliya got quite the attention after this post, and an article from GGRecon has featured her fantastic cosplay. 



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