“The Great” Characters: Height, Weight, Age, Birthday, and Relationship Statuses

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Image Source: IMDb
ActorCharacterHeightWeightAgeBirthdayRelationship Status
Elle FanningCatherine the Great5’ 9”130 lbs23April 9, 1998In a relationship
Nicholas HoultPeter III6’ 2½”185 lbs32December 7, 1989In a relationship
Phoebe FoxMarial5’ 5”121 lbs34April 16, 1987Married since 2010
Adam GodleyArchbishop6’ 1”174 lbs57July 22, 1964Divorced
Gwilym LeeGrigor Dymov6’ 2”178.5 lbs38November 24, 1983Single
Charity WakefieldGeorgina Dymov5’ 5”119 lbs40September 18, 1980Married since 2016
Sacha DhawanOrlov5’ 7”154 lbs37May 1, 1984Single
Douglas HodgeVelementov5’ 10”167 lbs61February 25, 1960Divorced

Analysis of The Great: Main Casts Height

1Nicholas Hoult6’ 2½”
2Gwilym Lee6’ 2”
3Adam Godley6’ 1”
4Douglas Hodge5’ 10”
5Elle Fanning5’ 9”
6Sacha Dhawan5’ 7”
7Charity Wakefield5’ 5”
8Phoebe Fox5’ 5”

Portraying the role of Emperor Peter III, Nicholas Hoult tops this height comparison with 6 feet and 2 ½ inches given by his profile on Healthy Celeb. Second, we have Gwilym Lee with 6 feet and 2 inches in this comparison, also from Healthy Celeb. He is only a half-inch short from Nicholas while he plays the role of Grigor Dymov. Still, in the same feet as the other two, Adam Godley follows closely with 6 feet and 1 inch, according to his Celebs Revealed profile. He acts as the Archbishop’s character, also known as Archie. Douglas Hodge places 4th with 5 feet and 10 inches, as stated in his profile from Celebs Revealed. Finally, Catherine the Great is played by Elle Fanning. She takes 5th place, and according to Celebs Line, Elle stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall, which is the tallest woman from the main cast. Next to her, Sacha Dhawan plays Orlov in the series. According to a profile from Popular Inside, he is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. The last two casts are tied at 5 feet and 5 inches. The first one is Charity Wakefield playing Georgina Dymov, and we got her height from Celebs Revealed. For Phoebe Fox, she plays Marial in the show, and we gathered her height as stated in her profile from Super Stars Bio.

Analysis of The Great: Main Casts Weight

1Nicholas Hoult185 lbs
2Gwilym Lee178.5 lbs
3Adam Godley174 lbs
4Douglas Hodge167 lbs
5Sacha Dhawan154 lbs
6Elle Fanning130 lbs
7Phoebe Fox121 lbs
8Charity Wakefield119 lbs

Once again, Nicholas tops the comparison for weight. He weighs 185 pounds. Gwilym placed second again with 178.5 pounds. Next to him is Adam, also with 174 pounds. Douglas takes 4th place after Adam with 167 pounds. There was quite a difference between these two, unlike Nicholas and Gwilym. For Sacha, he lands in 5th place with 154 pounds. The rest of the women for the main cast took the last three ranks for this weight comparison. We have Elle for 6th with 130 pounds. Phoebe lands in 7th, weighing 121 pounds. Lastly, Charity placed last as the lightest compared to 119 pounds. 

Analysis of The Great: Main Casts Age

1Douglas Hodge61 years old
2Adam Godley57 years old
3Charity Wakefield40 years old
4Gwilym Lee38 years old
5Sacha Dhawan37 years old
6Phoebe Fox34 years old
7Nicholas Hoult32 years old
8Elle Fanning23 years old

The oldest of these eight main characters is Douglas Hodge. He was born on February 25, 1960, and as of 2021, he is 61. Adam Godley was born on July 22, 1964, and has turned 57 in 2021. Next is Charity Wakefield, the oldest of the three women, who reached 40 years of age and was born on September 18, 1980. Only two years apart, Gwilym Lee is the 4th oldest in the cast at 38 years and was born on November 24, 1983. Sacha Dhawan is only a year younger than Gwilym at 37 years old, and he was born on May 1, 1984. Phoebe Fox was born on April 16, 1987, and is now 34 years old with three years apart from Sacha. Our two leads are considered the youngest in this cast. Nicholas Hoult is only two years younger than Phoebe at 32 years and was born on December 7, 1989. The youngest of the eight main casts, Elle Fanning, turned 23 years old this 2021 last April 9th.

Analysis of The Great: Main Casts Marital Status

ActorMarital Status
Douglas HodgeDivorced
Adam GodleyDivorced
Charity WakefieldMarried since 2016
Gwilym LeeSingle
Sacha DhawanSingle
Phoebe FoxMarried since 2010
Nicholas HoultIn a relationship
Elle FanningIn a relationship

As the oldest in the cast, Douglas was married a while back, but recently, he got divorced from his significant other. Adam is the second oldest, and he is also divorced from his partner. Charity has enjoyed married life since the year 2016. As for Gwilym and Sacha are both enjoying the single life and yet to announce if they’re in a relationship. Like Charity, Phoebe was married way back in 2010 and still staying strong. Lastly, the show’s two stars, Nicholas and Elle, have been in their little world with their respective partners. We have also yet to hear exciting news from the two and the thought of getting married.















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