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The Evolution of Jinx in Arcane

Jinx, The Loose Cannon

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There’s never a dull moment if you’re with Jinx! Based on the League of Legends, Jinx is one of the characters in the Netflix Series, Arcane. Also known as Powder from when she was a child, she has one sister named Vi. With her explosives as weapons, one should be careful of mentioning they’re bored. We wouldn’t want the chaos that Jinx brings along with her.

The Stages of Jinx’s Evolution

Image Source: DualShockers

Along with Violet or known as Vi, Jinx, also known as Powder or Pow-pow, appeared in the first episode of the Arcane series. They were presented as siblings, with Vi as the oldest. The two lost their parents in the war, and only a few survived, including them.

Image Source: Forbes & Dual Shockers

Jinx in the League of Legends appears with two long blue braided hairs with a pink ponytail. Her eyes are red, and her lips are a pink color. Jinx carries at least three different weapons. They are a machine gun called Pow-Pow purely of her creation, a rocket cannon called Fishbone designed from her childhood drawings, and a gun called Zapper shooting lightning arcs. Her outfit consists of a pink and leather bikini-like bra, pink shorts, leather-looking boots and gloves, and a thigh-high pink stocking-like on one leg. Jinx’s body is surrounded with ammo, and her color palette is blue and pink.

Image Source: Inverse

In the Netflix Series Arcane, Jinx’s appearance became more refined. For the earlier scenes, Jinx’s eyes are blue. It only changed into red when Shimmer was injected into her body to save her from dying after fighting Ekko. Instead of her pink lipstick, it became a mauve color. Her long braided hair is still the same as her League of Legends counterpart, but with a black ponytail. Jinx is also seen wearing shorts reaching just above her knee, with striped two shades of purple and nude-like colors. Jinx’s bikini-like top got changed into a black halter top with a design of shoelaces looking like an “X.” She also wears gloves and boots. Her color palette here also changed into an indigo-like color and purple, likely toning down from Jinx in the LoL version. The consistent thing in Jinx’s appearance is her tattoos that look like clouds with blue and pink colors.



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