South Park Characters: Heights, Ages, and Birthdays

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Craig Tucker~4ft 6.8in10January 25Male
Eric Cartman~4ft 5.6in10July 1Male
Stan Marsh~4ft 6.4in10October 19Male
Kyle Broflovski~4ft 5.6in10May 26Male
Kenny McCormick~4ft 5.2in9March 22Male
Butters Stotch~4ft 6.0in10September 11Male
Clyde Donovan~4ft 4.8in10April 10Male
Token Black~4ft 5.6in10June 20Male
Tweek Tweak~4ft 6.4in10August 17Male
Randy Marsh~5ft 9.0in45March 1Male


Image Source: FlickeringMyth

Starting our list of characters’ heights, we have Craig, who is about 4 feet and 6.8 inches in height. According to the South Park Fandom Wiki and discussion of fans on Reddit and Tumblr, Craig is the tallest among the main characters. The fans have analyzed their pictures and compared their heights by resizing their eye position and pupil sizes with respect to each other. Their analysis found that Clyde is the shortest at about 4 feet and 4.8 inches. From this, we estimated the heights of the other characters. According to Healthline, the average height of 10-year-old boys is about 4 feet and 5.6 inches. Token, Kyle, and Eric are estimated to be around this height.

Next, since the boys only differ in height of about 0.4 inches, we added or subtracted this measurement from the average height. With this, taller than average, Stan and Tweek stand at about 4 feet and 6.4 inches while Butters is about 4 feet and 6 inches. Then, we have the shorter than average Kenny at 4 feet and 5.2 inches. Lastly, we have Randy Marsh, who is about 5 feet and 9 inches, the average height of men around that age.


Image Source: Tumblr

From our list, Randy was the oldest. He is already 45 years old, according to his Fandom Wiki page. In addition, the boys, except for Kenny, are all ten years old. Kenny is one year younger than them, and he is the youngest on our list.

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