Haganai Characters’ Heights and Ages

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  1. List of Haganai Characters’ Heights and Ages
  2. Analysis of Haganai Characters’ Heights
  3. Analysis of Haganai Characters’ Ages

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Haganai is a comedy anime based on a light novel about socially awkward people. It follows the story of Kota Hidaka, a boy that doesn’t have many friends, and Yui Komori, his classmate who suffers from loneliness. If you are into Haganai, this detailed analysis of all the characters can help you better understand your favorite characters. Ready? Let’s dig in!

List of Haganai Characters’ Heights and Ages

Stella Redfield~ 5 ft 2 in22
Tenma Kashiwazaki~5 ft 8 in~ 40s
Yukimora Kusunoki5 ft16
Kobato Hasegawa4 ft 11 in~14
Maria Takayama4 ft 9 in10
Aoi Ayusa~5 ft 2 in17
Rika Shiguma~5 ft 2 in16
Kodaka Hasegawa5 ft 8 in17
Sena Kasiwazaki5 ft 5 in17
Yozora Mikazuki5 ft 2 in17


Characters’ heights are an integral part of the overall character design that helps the viewer feel connected to the characters. Let’s get started! Haganai Wiki revealed that Kodaka Hasegawa stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall, relatively tall for his age. Tenma Kashiwazaki is estimated to be around 5 feet and 8 inches. We calculated his height based on the average height of a forty years old Japanese man. Next is Sena Kasiwazaki, who stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. Moreover, Stella Redfield, Aoi Ayusa, and Rika Shiguma are estimated to be around 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Yozora Mikazuki stands at 5 feet and 2 inches, while Kobato Hazegawa is about 4 feet and 11 inches tall. Lastly, the shortest character in the series is Maria Takayama, standing at 4 feet and 9 inches.


Analysis revealed that most of the characters are between 16 – 17 years old. This makes sense since these are the ages at which the characters are the most likely to be in High school. According to the Haganai fandom, Tenma Kashiwazaki is in his 40s, making him the oldest character. He was followed by Stella Redfield, 22 years old. Kobato Hasegawa is estimated to be around 14 years of age. Lastly, Maria Takayama, who is ten years old, is the youngest character in the series.


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