Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Main Cast: Height, Weight, Age, Birthday, and Relationship Statuses

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Image Source: TV Insider
ActorCharacterHeightWeightAgeBirthdayRelationship Status
Andy Samberg Jake Peralta5’ 10”170 lbs43August 18, 1978Married since 2013
Melissa FumeroAmy Santiago5’ 9”130 lbs38August 19, 1982Married since 2007
Joe Lo TruglioCharles Boyle5’ 6 ½”150 lbs51December 2, 1970Married since 2014
Stephanie BeatrizRosa Diaz5’ 6”125.5 lbs40February 10, 1981Married since 2018
Terry Crews Terry Jeffords6’ 2”262 lbs53July 30, 1968Married since 1990
Chelsea Peretti Gina Linetti5’ 6”121 lbs43February 20, 1978Married since 2016
Andre BraugherRaymond Holt6’ 2”185 lbs59July 1, 1962Married since 1991

Analysis of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Main Casts Height

1Andre Braugher6’ 2”
2Terry Crews6’ 2”
3Andy Samberg5’ 10”
4Melissa Fumero5’ 9”
5Joe Lo Truglio5’ 6 ½”
6Stephanie Beatriz5’ 6”
7Chelsea Peretti5’ 6”

From Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, the seven main casts and their height comparison. According to Super Stars Bio, Andre Braugher sits at the top who plays Raymond Holt with his 6 feet and 2 inches. Next, we have Terry Crews playing Terry Jeffords, having the exact height as Andre Braugher, as stated from Biography. Thirdly, Andy Samberg plays the character of Jake Peralta. From an article in MDDailyRecord, he stands 5 feet and 10 inches, just a few inches from Andre and Terry. The first woman to top this height comparison, Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago, takes 4th spot. According to Gistrat, she stands at 5 feet and 9 inches, only an inch difference from Andy. For the 5th to 7th, these three actors are tied with 5 feet and 6 inches. But according to Healthy Celeb, Joe Lo Truglio, who portrays Charles Boyle, is only a half-inch taller than our 6th and 7th placers. Landing in on the 6th is Stephanie Beatriz, playing Rosa Diaz, taken from Super Stars Bio, and tied with her is Chelsea Peretti on 7th, playing Gina Linetti, which is also from Super Stars Bio

Analysis of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Main Casts Weight

1Terry Crews262 lbs
2Andre Braugher185 lbs
3Andy Samberg170 lbs
4Joe Lo Truglio150 lbs
5Melissa Fumero130 lbs
6Stephanie Beatriz125.5 lbs
7Chelsea Peretti121 lbs

In terms of weight, here is Brooklyn’s 99th precinct’s weight comparison. In the series, Terry Crews plays the role of a Linebacker and tops the rank with 262 pounds. The 99th precinct’s Deputy Commissioner, played by Andre Braugher, takes 2nd place with 185 pounds. IOur main protagonist is a Detective played by Andy Samberg with 170 pounds. Joe Lo Truglio, who takes 4th place and is also a detective, hits 150 pounds. With a 20 pounds difference, our 5th placer, Melissa Fumero, plays Chief of Department. Next to her is Stephanie Beatriz, in 6th place with 125.5 pounds as a Private Investigator Detective. For Chelsea Peretti, she takes on the role of a Civilian Administrator. She takes 7th place with 121 pounds.

Analysis of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Main Casts Age

1Andre Braugher59 years old
2Terry Crews 53 years old
3Joe Lo Truglio51 years old
4Andy Samberg43 years old
5Chelsea Peretti43 years old
6Stephanie Beatriz40 years old
7Melissa Fumero38 years old

As the saying goes, “Age doesn’t matter,” these actors overcame their numbers and portrayed their characters remarkably! Andre Braugher has already reached 59 years of his life since July 1, 1962. Who knew Terry Crews was already 53 years old? He was born on July 30, 1968, and you can do the math. Looks can be quite deceiving because who knew Joe Lo Truglio is only two years younger than Terry? Born on December 2, 1970, he has lived long to get cast as one of the main casts! Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti were born in the same year as 1978 and have reached 43 this year. Andy Samberg was born on August 18, while Chelsea Peretti was on February 20. Born February 10, 1981, Stephanie Beatriz has just started her 40s. The youngest of them all, Melissa Fumero, reaches 38 years of her life since August 19, 1982, which is a day after Andy and four years later.

Analysis of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Main Casts Marital Status

RankActorMarried Since
1Terry Crews1990
2Andre Braugher1991
3Melissa Fumero2007
4Andy Samberg2013
5Joe Lo Truglio2014
6Chelsea Peretti2016
7Stephanie Beatriz2018

Now that we know their ages and birthdays, let’s look at their marital status. All of the seven main casts have already been married before the start of the series or during the airing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When were they married? Let’s start with Terry Crews, who were married in 1990. He has been in the game for many years now and the longest among the other six. In 1991, there’s Andre Braugher, the second to get married. Next is Melissa Fumero, who tied the knot in 2007, only a few years away from the show’s start. In the same year of Season 1, Andy Samberg settled down in 2013. Joe Lo Truglio followed in 2014, in time with the end of Season 1 and on with Season 2. Between Season 3 to Season 4, Chelsea Peretti announced her marriage in 2016. The last to put a ring is Stephanie Beatriz, who married in 2018 simultaneous to Season 5.



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