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Beastars Characters: Height & Ages

Table of Contents:

Image Source: Beastars Wiki
CharactersDebut/Manga HeightCurrent/Anime HeightDebut AgeCurrent AgeSpecies
Riz~6’9”6’9”1719Brown Bear
Gohin6’8 ¾”6’4 ¼”3940Giant Panda
Ibuki6’3”6’4”~3535Maasi Lion
Bill~6’3”6’3”1718Bengal Tiger
Legoshi6’¾” 6’1 ½” 1719Gray Wolf
Pina~5’9”5’8 ½” 1618Dall Sheep
Juno5’7”5’3 ¾”1618Gray Wolf
Collot5’10”5’3”1719Old English Sheepdog
Louis5’7 ¾”5’3”1820Red Deer
Miguno5’2”4’9”1719Spotted Hyena
Jack5’7”4’8 ¼” 1719Labrador Retriever
Haru3’5 ¼”3’4”1820Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The height and age comparison we have is a mix of the leading, secondary, and minor characters. Seen in the list above, there are two types of heights—Debut/Manga and Current/Anime Height. 

These heights are gathered from Beastars Wiki and a YouTube channel, Trinity Entertainment. But for their debut and current ages, they arere all from Beastars Wiki. Most of the debut/manga height is from Trinity Entertainment, but we’ll focus on their current/anime heights and ages for this comparison.

Analysis of Beastars Characters’ Height

To start, we have Riz in 1st place with 6 feet and 9 inches, the tallest of the Beastar. Following in 2nd place, Gohin stands tall at 6 feet and 4 ¼ inches having a 5-inch difference from Riz. Closely behind Gohin is Ibuki, with 6 feet and 4 inches, only a one-fourth inch difference. Next is Bill, who’s in 4th place with 6 feet and 3 inches. There’s almost a 2-inch difference to our 5th placer, Legoshi, having 6 feet and 1 ½ inches. 

Landing in 7th, we have Pina with 5 feet and 8 ½ inches. Next in 8th place, Juno has a 5-inch difference from Pina with 5 feet and 3 ¾ inches. Two Beastars tied at 5 feet and 3 inches; they are Collot and Louis. Not going over 3-4 feet, we have the last four Beastars—Miguno with 4 feet and 9 inches, Jack with 4 feet and 8 ¼ inches, and Durham with 4 feet and 8 inches. Then, there’s Haru, who reached only 3 feet.

Analysis of Beastars Characters’ Age

For the Beastars ages, only two are the oldest. We have Gohin with 41 years old and the oldest in this comparison. The other is Ibuki, 35 years of age, the second oldest. Since the rest of the characters are primarily students, their oldest is only Louis and Haru; they are both 20 years old. In this comparison, six characters are 19 years old, which is more significant than the 20-year-olds and 18 years old. These six are Riz, Legoshi, Collot, Miguno, Jack, and Durham. As for the youngest, who are all 18 years old, there are only three characters. To name, they are Bill, Pina, and Juno. 



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