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Coco Characters: Heights and Ages Comparison

Table Of Contents:

  1. List of Coco Characters’ Heights and Ages
  2. Analysis of Coco Characters’ Heights
  3. Analysis of Coco Characters’ Ages

List of Coco Characters’ Heights and Ages

CharactersHeight Age
Socorro Rivera28.35 cm 10 months
Miguel Rivera4 ft 11 in 12
Rosa Rivera~ 5 ft 2 in 14
Gloria Rivera4 ft 11 in 14
Abel Rivera~5 ft 7 in 19
Hector Rivera5 ft 9 in 21
Luisa Rivera~5 ft 7 in ~35
Enrique Rivera~5 ft 8 in ~39
Franco Rivera~4 ft 11 in ~60
Victoria Rivera5 ft 7 in 62
Elena Rivera5 ft 6 in 68
Imelda Rivera5 ft 6 in 70
Coco Rivera4 ft 10 in 99
Oscar And Felipe5 ft 10 in 3,900

Image Source: Disney Fandom

If you haven’t seen the Disney movie Coco yet, you are seriously missing out! It is an amazing movie that will have you crying and laughing all at the same time. So we did some digging and found out the heights and ages of all of the major Coco characters. Check it out below!


One minor detail that might go unnoticed is the height difference between some of the characters. But did you know that the tallest out of the fourteen characters are Oscar and Felipe who’s 5 feet and 10 inches? Next is Hector Rivera whose height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Enrique Rivera is 5 feet and 8 inches, thus, he is 1 inch taller than Victoria, Abel and Luisa. On the other hand, Miguel, Gloria and Franco stand at 4 feet and 10 inches to around 4 feet and 11 inches. Lastly, Socorro Rivera, which is estimated to be around 28.35 centimeter. Her height is calculated based on her age and gender.


Want to know how old the characters in Disney’s Coco are? We’ve got you covered! Coco Fandom Wiki revealed that Oscar and Felipe are around 3,900 years old and the oldest in the land of the dead while Coco is the oldest person alive among the characters who are 99 years old. Next is Imelda who is 70 years old. Enrique and Luisa were both estimated to be around in their late 30’s knowing that they have a 12-year-old and 10-months-old child. Hector died when he was 21 years old. Moreover, Abel is 19 years old while Rosa and Miguel are just about the same age. Lastly, Soccoro, the youngest character in Coco who is 10 months old.


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