Weight Comparison Of Arcane Characters

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ranking of the Arcane Characters’ Weights
  2. Analysis of the Arcane Characters’ Weights


1VanderMale~6 ft 5 inMuscular~235 lbs
2Jayce TalisMale~6 ft 7 inAthletic Muscular~230 lbs
3Ambessa MedardaFemale~6 ft 9 inMuscular~215 lbs
4MarcusMale~6 ft 1 inAthletic~190 lbs
5SevikaFemale~5 ft 11 inMuscular~170 lbs
6Caitlyn KirammanFemale6 ftAthletic~165 lbs
7ViFemale5 ft 9 inMuscular~160 lbs/8,140 lbs (with Gauntlets)
Mel MedardaFemale~5 ft 11 inAthletic~160 lbs
8EkkoMale~5 ft 8 inAthletic Muscular~150 lbs
9SingedMale~5 ft 10 inSkinny~140 lbs
SilcoMale~5 ft 9 inSkinny~140 lbs
10Sky YoungFemale~5 ft 6 inNormal~135 lbs
11ViktorMale~5 ft 10 inUnderweight~125 lbs
12JinxFemale~5 ft 4 inSkinny~120 lbs
13HeimerdingerMale~3 ft 2 inNormal~30 lbs


Image Source: SCHS Now/Riot Games/Netflix

After discovering the Arcane characters’ heights, let’s now figure out their weights. There is an official record for the League of Legends’ Champions’ body weight chart. However, we didn’t follow this on most of the characters. It’s due to the fact that Fortiche Productions animated the Arcane characters’ physiques differently. With that, we used the ideal weight chart from the TrainerCarlos website to estimate their weights. Now, there is a shift in the characters’ ranking.

Our top 1 and the heaviest character on the list is Vander, which according to the ideal weight chart for men, his height of approximately 6 feet 5 inches and muscular physique gave him an ideal weight of 235 lbs. But, he will be placed as second if Vi is wearing the Atlas Gauntlets. Her normal weight of 160 lbs turns into 8,140 lbs with the gauntlets on. Ambessa Medarda is now ranked third since the ideal weight chart for women revealed that her height of 6 feet and 9 inches with a muscular physique has an ideal weight of 215 lbs. Moving on to the lightest character, we applied the official weight of Heimerdinger from the League Of Legends game. According to LeagueFeed, he weighs 30 lbs. 

If you want to more about your favorite Arcane characters, then check out our articles about their height and age comparison. We’ll see you there!

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