Age Comparison Of Arcane Characters

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  1. Ranking of the Arcane Characters’ Ages
  2. Analysis of the Arcane Characters’ Ages


RankCharactersGenderPre-Timeskip AgeTimeskip Age
1HeimerdingerMale307 years old314 years old
2Ambessa MedardaFemale~53 years old~60 years old
3VanderMale~45 years oldFate Unknown (Presumed Dead)
4SingedMale~45 years old~52 years old
5SilcoMale~44 years old~51 years old
6SevikaFemale~33 years old~40 years old
7MarcusMale~28 years old~35 years old
8Mel MedardaFemale~26 years old~33 years old
9ViktorMale~25 years old~32 years old
10Jayce TalisMale24 years old31 years old
Sky YoungFemale~24 years old~31 years old
11Caitlyn KirammanFemale~16 years old~23 years old
12ViFemale~15 years old~22 years old
13EkkoMale~13 years old~20 years old
14JinxFemale~11 years old~18 years old


Image Source: Reddit – bestwitchsam

Do you know what the Arcane characters’ ages are? If not, this article can give you the answers. Find out who topped our list! Throughout the series, it is evident how brilliant Fortiche Productions are in their animation. The little details they added gave us clues, especially in the characters’ appearance. These helped us in figuring out how old the Arcane characters are.  Additionally, Amanda Overton, one of Arcane’s writers, stated that the timeskip from Act 1 and Act 2 is seven years apart. 

Let’s start with the oldest character. Heimerdinger is 317 years old in the timeskip. In Act 1, episode 1, Heimerdinger tells Jayce that he is 307 years old. He also revealed that he had lived long enough to see how dangerous magic can be when given to the wrong hands. Jayce Talis’ age is also confirmed in the series. Back in episode 1, he said that he is 24 years old. Thus, he is 31 years after the timeskip. We placed Ambessa Medarda in 2nd place since her appearance; though she appeared strong, the traces of her old age is evident. Of course, the youngest character on our list is Jinx. Amanda Overton confirmed on Twitter that Jinx in Act 1 is around 10-11 years old, making her an 18-year-old girl after timeskip. 

If you want to more about your favorite Arcane characters, then check out our articles about their height and weight comparison. We’ll see you there!

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