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Height Comparison Of Rurouni Kenshin Characters

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ranking of Rurouni Kenshin Characters’ Height
  2. Analysis of the Rurouni Kenshin Characters’ Height


1Hiruma GoheiMale197 cm
2ShikijōMale195 cm
3Yūkyūzan AnjiMale~193 cm
4HyottokoMale 190 cm
5Hiko Seijūrō XIIIMale189 cm
6Saitō HajimeMale183 cm
Otowa HyōkoMale183 cm
7Shinomori AoshiMale182 cm
Udō Jin-eMale182 cm
8Sagara SanosukeMale179 cm
9Amakusa Shōgo Male178 cm
10Yukishiro EnishiMale175 cm
11Shishio MakotoMale170 cm
12Takani Megumi Female166 cm
13Seta SōjirōMale163 cm
14Himura KenshinMale158 cm
Yukishiro TomoeFemale158 cm
15Kamiya Kaoru Female155 cm
16Makimachi MisaoFemale149 cm
17Myōjin YahikoMale143 cm


Image Source: IMDb

You will not believe how tall Himura Kenshin is! If you want to find out more about the Rurouni Kenshin characters’ height, this article is right for you. Let us start with who topped our list. We have read from the Rurouni Kenshin Fandom Wiki that Hiruma Gohei is 197 centimeters tall. That said, he is crowned as the tallest character on our list. He is followed by Shikijō, who has a height of 195 centimeters. Then, Yūkyūzan Anji is the third placer since he is approximately 193 centimeters tall. The character that followed him is Hyottoko, who bears 190 centimeters in height. As for the fifth placer, let’s give the title to Hiko Seijūrō XIII since he is 189 centimeters tall. The bearer of 180 centimeters and above height doesn’t end here. We have four more characters. Saitō Hajime and Otowa Hyōko tied at the 6th spot since they are both 183 centimeters in height. Lastly, Shinomori Aoshi and Udō Jin-e are in 7th place for their 182 centimeters height.

If you’re wondering how tall Himura Kenshin is, he is 158 centimeters tall. His below-average height doesn’t hinder his power as a samurai. Now, let’s jump on the smallest characters. We have three people for this category: Kamiya Kaoru, Makimachi Misao, and Myōjin Yahiko. Kamiya Kaoru is 6 centimeters taller than Makimachi Misao. On the other hand, Myōjin Yahiko is the smallest among the rest since he is 143 centimeters tall.

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