Top 18 Biggest Airsoft Guns

Table of Contents:

RankAirsoft GunsSizePriceWhere to Buy
1PSR-10 with Wolverine Bolt System42.5”$410.00AirsoftJunkiez
2BBTac Airsoft Shotgun Rifle Double Eagle M58A36”$79.99eBay
3LCT RPK LCK-16 AEG35.82”$479.99AirsoftJunkiez
4VFC Avalon Gen2 VR16 Saber Carbine M4 AEG Rifle35”$449.95AirsoftJunkiez
5Bulldog M4PI RIS CQB Airsoft Electric Rifle Gun34.84”$144.99Just Airsoft Guns
6E&L Airsoft New Essential Version AK-105 Airsoft AEG Rifle32.67”$260.00AirsoftJunkiez
7DAS GDR 15 CQB Airsoft Gun (Ver. 2.0)29.72”$1,750.00AirsoftJunkiez
8VFC Avalon Gen2 VR16 Saber CQB M4 AEG Rifle29.57”$439.95AisoftJunkiez
9Sig Sauer ProForce MCX VIRTUS PDW AEG29”$399.99AirsoftJunkiez
10Krytac KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector AEG SMG26.2”$525.95Airsoft Station
11Bulldog Falcon Z QD AEG Airsoft Gun25”$249.99Just Airsoft Guns
12ASG CZ Scorpion ECO 3 A1 Airsoft SMG 25”$569.95Airsoft Station
13Auto Electric Airsoft Gun D95B22”$57.89eBay
14KRYTAC FN Herstal P90 Airsoft AEG Training Rifle19.80”$449.99AisoftJunkiez
15Wolverine MTW Milspec10”$884.99AirsoftJunkiez
16SRC Baba Yaga Combat Master Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol8”$149.99Just Airsoft Guns
17Dual P328 Spring Airsoft Hand Guns5.5”$25.98Walmart
18Dual P.618 Spring Airsoft Hand Guns5”$29.99Walmart
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Browning Maxus II Shotgun Review

Analysis of the Biggest Airsoft Guns


Challenger, are you ready to enter the battlefield? Get yourselves ready with these 18 biggest Airsoft guns! Conquering the 1st spot, PSR-10 with Wolverine Bolt System showcased its length of 42.5 inches, costing $410.00. Landing in the 18th is the Dual P.618 Spring Airsoft Hand Guns with 5 inches, costing $29.99.

As low as $25.98, you can already get this17th placer, Dual P328 Spring Airsoft Hand Guns with a length of 5.5 inches. Then, as high as $1,750.00, a high-quality DAS GDR 15 CQB Airsoft Gun (Ver. 2.0) is up for grabs! This 7th placer Airsoft gun is built up to 29.72 inches. 


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