Top 15 Most Followed Street Dance Girls Fighters

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RankMemberInstagramFollowersDance CrewTeam
1Kim Soo Hyeonsimmon__03150KNewnionWayB
2Jo Na Innain_jerkfamily56.1KTurnsYGX
3Park Hye Rim___harimu___54.1KAmazonLaChica
4Lee Seo In_m.j.r.c_seoin45.1KSquidYGX
5Song Hee Soos0nghs43.5KTurnsYGX
6Noh Won__noh_won__14.9KAmazonLaChica
7An Ji Minbe_oheee13.9KClueCLaChica
8Park Seo Yeonpxxeon11.5KTreadWayB
9Hwang Seo Youngseoyoung__h__6,809NewnionWayB
10Hong Ha Yeonhyhhyy_036,071NewnionWayB
11Kim Min Jimingki_yum_5,272NewnionWayB
12Song Ji Hyunso030ng4,094HHook
13Lee Su Jeongmiyao_sujeong3,958YeonsalWant
14Jo Eun Binjo_pony_033,809NyxCoca N Butter
15Park Hyeon Jeong_ruizen_3,664FloorCoca N Butter


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On top of our list of most popular and most followed dancers is Kim Soo Hyeon, who has more than 150K followers on Instagram. She is a member of Newnion under the Master Team WayB. Following in second and third place with more than 50K followers are Jo Na In and Park Hye Rim, with 56.1K and 54.1K followers, respectively. Next, in fourth and fifth place are Lee Seo In and Song Hee Soo, with more than 40K followers. Then, following them are Noh Won, An Ji Min, and Park Se Yeon, who have 14.9K, 13.9K, and 11.5K followers, respectively.

Moreover, the ninth to 15th placed dancers have less than 10K followers, with Hwang Seo Young at ninth place with 6,809 followers and Hong Ha Yeon at 10th place with 6,071 followers. Next, Kim Min Ji took 11th place with more than 5K followers, and Song Ji Hyun took 12th place with 4,094 followers. The 13th-15th placers are Lee Su Jeong, Jo Eun Bin, and Park Hyeon Jeong, who have less than 4K followers.

In addition, the team with the most popular members is WayB, followed by YGX and LaChica, with three members each. Coca N Butter has two famous members, while Hook and Want only have one popular member each.

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