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21 Biggest Figurines You Can Buy Online

Table of Contents:

RankFigurinesHeightPriceWhere to Buy
1Groot Custom Statue6’11”$4,500.00eBay
2Marvel: Iron Man Mark III6’10”$7,950.00Sideshow
3Marvel: Iron Man Mark VII6’10”$7,950.00Sideshow
4Marvel: Iron Man Mark 426’10”$7,950.00Sideshow
5Gundam Gunpla Custom Statue6’0”$5,995.00eBay
6Detective Conan Custom Statue4’6”$2,999.00eBay
7Star Wars: Darth Vader3’0”$8,900.00Sideshow
8Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite2’11”$7,499.00Sideshow
9Star Wars: Boba Fett2’6”$8,995.00Sideshow
10Star Wars: Stormtrooper2’6”$7,999.99Sideshow
11Terminator: T-800 Endoskeleton2’6”$6,999.00Sideshow
12Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger2’1”$1,699.00Prime 1 Studio
13Pokemon Charizard Statue2’1”$1,099.99BigBadToyStore
14Star Wars: R2-D21’6”$7,450.00Sideshow
15Wonder Woman Courage1’6”$3,299.99BigBadToyStore
16Godzilla Vinyl Statue1’4”$699.00Prime 1 Studio
17Marvel Sofbinal Carnage1’3”$359.99BigBadToyStore
18Marvel Sofbinal Venom (1.5 Ver.)1’3”$259.99BigBadToyStore
19Star Wars: BB-81’2”$3,955.00Sideshow
20Star Wars: The Child1’2”$410.00Sideshow
21Star Wars: Yoda1’0”$2,505.00Sideshow

A Break Down of the Figurines

Whether it’s for you or a present for your figurine collector friend, we’ve got you covered! It’s all in one table from Star Wars, Marvel, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and Anime Characters! Our tallest figurine is a custom-made Groot statue with 6’11” that costs $4,500.00. Standing in 1’0”, we have Yoda from Star Wars available at $2,505.00. From Groot, only Iron Man’s Armors and a customized Gundam Gunpla reached 6’0”, and the rest went from 4’6” up to 1’0”. 

Looking at their prices, the lowest would be the 18th placer, Marvel Sofbinal Venom (1.5 Ver.), costing $259.99. Thus, the highest would be the 9th placer, Star Wars: Boba Fett, which costs $8,995.00. 



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